Accueil Next Mercedes S-Class, and if it was already a autonomous car ?

Next Mercedes S-Class, and if it was already a autonomous car ?

par Gabriel Plassat

The next S-Class includes already all the elements to make an autonomous vehicle. The experience of the driver will be profoundly changed. This first step brings the first technological bricks for cybercars, and most importantly, it will bring all the players to be aware of the changes taking place: consumers (even those who won't drive), city operator, industrial … This video lasts only 40 seconds. It is extracted from the official presentation of Daimler Mercedes. Note also that Volvo has also announced in 2020, the production of autonomous technologies avoiding pedestrians and animals, automatic parking, self-adapted to the environment, dynamic lateral speed control …

The technologies of autonomous vehicles are already available. They are expensive but it is a detail. The ability to experiment in areas becomes a critical success factor in this industry, a key element at the national level. After several U.S. states, England has decided to continue the experiments of autonomous vehicles, primarily for reasons of safety, reducing congestion and thus reduce public spending: Actions for Road, a network for 21st century .

As it has been detailed in several previous notes (read several articles: The shock is coming between automotive & Digital industries, The GoogleCar on the road in California – everything is faster than expected, our transport systems and the digital revolution), the cybercar could be the basis for a comprehensive system of "public" mobility. The same technologies of autonomous vehicles are already used to provide a high roller lounge experience, tomorrow they could afford to implement a fleet of autonomous vehicle providing a new service-based offers door to door. This "service" is structurally controlled by those who develop software, optimization rules for robots on a territory. More you close the rules translated into codes, the more you will be close to the value. Optimization rules remain to be established :

  • Economic optimization of the territory: the robots must be able to maximize economic productivity, reducing congestion is essential here, the mobility of economic actors is a priority.
  • environmental optimization: emissions are minimized, pollution and / or GHG
  • social optimization: some trips are free or low cost, especially for those in training or job search
  • territorial optimization: low density areas receive a suitable offer, traditional public transport are deeply modified to keep only the lines filled up.

Who will describe the rules? who will make the codes? Who will write our collective transformation to bring us to autonomous cars ? Welcome in 2033, the Alliance dominates.

At the same time, in 2013, IBM and Sprint have announced their collaboration to offer an industrial offer based on the use of cloud. ACCENTURE and Michelin also launch EFIFFUEL with the Cloud of Accenture.

"IBM announced today that Sprint is using IBM MobileFirst solutions to deliver a more personalized, responsive connected car experience. Sprint Velocity, an end-to-end mobile integration solution developed specifically for auto manufacturers, is a pioneering capability that enables automakers around the world to develop and market connected services for cars and passenger trucks. As part of this collaboration, Sprint becomes the first mobile carrier to use IBM MessageSight, an appliance designed to enable organizations to manage and communicate with the billions of mobile devices and sensors found in systems such as automobiles, traffic management systems, smart buildings and household appliances. Based on IBM MessageSight, the Sprint Velocity Service Bus is a new communications architecture that lets smartphones, tablets and other devices communicate through the cloud."

"The purpose of Michelin solutions is to design, develop and market a new generation of mobility solutions for business customers:. Fleets Light Vehicles, Trucks and Engineering solutions manage these areas as diverse as reducing consumption fuel, pneumatic post outsourcing and increased productivity vehicles in July, the company launched the first of its innovative solutions.. EFFIFUEL ™ with its cloud platform Accenture Cloud platform for hosting and monitoring Accenture can quickly provide the infrastructure necessary to automate the execution of customers MICHELIN ® offers solutions contracts current and future processes. This includes the creation of the contract, the collection and processing of data related to a service a price, accounting and billing. "

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