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Freight vision 2050

par Gabriel PLASSAT

This on-going european project (link) will therefore :

  • Develop a long-term vision and a robust and adaptive action plan both for transport and technology policy for sustainable long-distance freight transport,
  • which are supported as much as possible by the relevant stakeholders.

In order to develop a vision and an action plan the following tasks will be performed: analyzing transport policy, technology development, and mega trends with regard to long-distance freight transport; integrating them into forecasts, developing scenarios how to reach a desirable future and defining for this the vision and action plan.


A FORESIGHT process will be implemented to achieve stakeholders' support for the vision and action plan. For this purpose four FREIGHTVISION Forums will allow for the active involvement of representatives from the Advisory Councils, ERANET (Transport and Road), ministries, infrastructure operators, industries and other stakeholders. The aim of the forums is to reach a common understanding about shaping the future and getting a maximum legitimacy for both the scenarios, the vision and action plan developed.

Management Summaries :

  • Management Summary I - Policy, Technology & External Factors Download File

  • Management Summary II – Forecasts, Preliminary Vision, Conflicts & Measures Download File

  • Management Summary III – Assessment of Measures & Action Scenario Download File 

  • Management Summary IV - Vision and Action Plan (Revised Version 10) Download File

  • Deliverables, internal reports and presentations can be downloaded from the "FORUM MEMBER AREA".





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