Accueil Appel à projet européen FP7 2013 (draft) Transports & Mobilités

Appel à projet européen FP7 2013 (draft) Transports & Mobilités

par Gabriel Plassat

Une version provisoire est disponible de cet Appel à projet portant sur les Transports et toutes les thématiques de la mobilité.

Le texte concernant la mobilité multimodale (page 52) propose une approche intégrée et reprend intégralement le texte de l'AMI Mobilité lancé par l'ADEME (investissements d'avenir) :  approche simultanée personne et marchandises, innovations attendues sur les données/outils experts/informations multimodales, besoin d'intégrer des évolutions dans la gouvernance des modes …

Extrait :

The project will develop an integrated approach and will focus its research and demonstration activities on the following areas of innovation:

  • Data creation and use: innovative and cost-effective detection technologies leading to create, share, disseminate and use real-time data collection on people and vehicle movements, particularly for soft modes and public transport; open data systems – approaches, business models and contractual arrangements.
  • Open ITS systems:

-   opened standards and specifications for data exchange, including open traffic and communication systems; and

-   generic interface between digital applications relating to future urban infrastructures and ITS reference architecture inside vehicles.

  • Decision support tools for city operators, citizens, industries (both transport mobility user and supplier):

– innovative operational and strategic decision-support systems, which can balance safety, environment and efficiency aspects of traffic and infrastructure management;

– integrated traffic control involving real time coordination among road and transport operators and emergency services; and

– multimodal modelling and simulation covering road vehicles (including public transport), road infrastructures and soft modes oriented to different user categories.

  • New mobility information services for passengers and freight transport including multimodal cooperative mobility for local authorities (with migration scenarios). The aim is to develop and integrate the best mobility solutions for an optimum between mobility demand and supply activities; especially, to ensure coherence between the different level of governance for both freight and passengers.

The project will include demonstrations of several of the above areas of innovation in different pilot cities across Europe. Each demonstration will involve several modes of transport including public transport. Pilot cities would preferably be characterised by different: topologies, means of transports, urban dynamics, socio-economic and cultural trends, city growth and development profiles. The outcomes should be the development of new integrated mobility services and associated products (e.g. predictive and decision support tools for city authorities, personal travel assistant and IT tools for users,…). The project will also develop guidelines for network managers on the research actions listed above.

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