Accueil FORD (Bill) regarde au delà …

FORD (Bill) regarde au delà …

par Gabriel Plassat

Dans un article publié en mai 2011, Bill FORD propose sa vision de l'avenir. Les constats sont pertinents, et les pistes de solutions également même si B.FORD propose toujours sur des progrès technologiques sur les objets sans innover sur le système :

"Instead of focusing on building more roads and rails, we should work on putting intelligence into our systems. That means smart roads, smart parking, and smart public transit. We need to use real-time data to optimize personal mobility on a massive scale."

"Hong Kong's Octopus system ties together commuter parking, buses, and trains into a single-payment system. You get one ticket on your cellphone, and it doesn't matter whether you're taking a train, a bus, or public transport of any sort."

"The ultimate solution would have transportation hubs where all forms of travel intersect, so you can get off a subway and get onto a Segway. Or get off a bus and get on a bike or share a Zipcar. Those hubs will be safe, well-lit, attractive places. You can imagine those transportation hubs as social hubs with cafés where people gather."

Mais aux USA, certains pensent à améliorer le système, et cela passe bien sûr par expérimenter la dépossession, à passer à des mobilités multimodales :

"Now we're seeing the beginning of what's called intelligent multimodal transportation. Smart phones allow us to instantly rent a bike, carpool with someone just a mile up the road, find a bus, and even "ping a ride" with a car service or cab to get where we are going. Car-sharing services like Zipcar are viable businesses today in our thickest cities, because users can easily reach a shared car on foot after pulling up its location on their phone. In thick cities, technology is rapidly making it even more convenient to live without owning a car."

Et si nous avions en France, toutes les compétences, toutes les industries, tout l'écosystème, toute la dynamique pour créer et industrialiser à grande échelle ces nouvelles mobilités ? et créer ainsi des leaders mondiaux…Tous les renseignements pour l'AMI (Appel à Manifestations d'Intérêt) sur les mobilités et les chaînes logistiques : ICI.


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