Accueil Et si l'Inde inventait le covoiturage dynamique et sécurisé pour les mégalopoles ?

Et si l'Inde inventait le covoiturage dynamique et sécurisé pour les mégalopoles ?

par Gabriel Plassat : Utilisant des tablettes numériques connectées à internet avec GPS, les véhicules qui offrent des places sont géolocalisés. La demande de transport (donc de siège libre) est effectuée par SMS ou téléphone, l'offre correspondante se présente, offre une sécurisation via la tablette par des identifications par photos. Les covoiturés payent ou utilisent des points gagnés quand ils étaient covoitureurs. Une monnaie libre est donc utilisée pour payer des courses, sachant que ces points peuvent être donnés à d'autres personnes. Tout le détail, ci dessous (et ici):


Now, you can share your ride to work and in the process save on fuel, avoid hassle of driving and help the city ease jams and parking woes. In a new carpooling initiative in the capital , backed by the transport department , Delhiites can now register with a service and start offering rides to other members to earn miles in return . These can be redeemed for rides in cars of other members of the carpool clubs.

The process is simple . Any car owner in the city can enrol for the scheme by registering with the service provider . Each member will be given a tablet , a mini computer like device , to be installed in the vehicle and a smartcard bearing his photograph . When the member needs a ride , which could range from regular trips to office to even one-off rides to the nearby market for shopping , he needs to call the centralized helpline number of the service provider to requisition a ride . The request will flash on tablets installed in the cars of all members driving in that area , who will be tracked through a Global Positioning System (GPS ) fitted in the device . Members driving in that direction can offer a ride to the person who requested service .

To make the system secure , the photograph and details of persons who are offering the ride and those who are getting the ride will be exchanged between the members using the backend server . To keep the exchange of system fair , the subscriber will maintain a miles account for every member . When a card holder will get into another member's car , the smartcard will have to be flashed before the GPS device .

The mileage till the drop-off point is added to the account of the car owner and subtracted from that of the other . Every member can give lifts and redeem the mileage points earned by taking lifts from other users .

The service has been kicked off and the devices are already available . '' The call centre is operational . The carpool will offer the comfort of travelling by car and at the same time help save fuel, and reduce congestion and the parking crisis in the city ,'' said Kamal Kumar , founder chairperson of Mega Car Pool Private Limited , the operator .

But it could take a couple of months before the set-up gets fully functional . To allow a fair exchange of rides , the initiative needs a base of members in different parts of the city . This will take some time to build up .

The tablet , which will be connected to internet via a mobile SIM card , has facilities to book movie , rail and air tickets online , check emails , GPS maps , panic button , check stock prices , order flowers , book a table at a restaurant or a salon appointment , order DVDs.
The transport department had run a pre-survey for the service on their website last year . '' The scheme had got an overwhelming response . We are hopeful that this will bring down congestion in the city ,'' said a senior official .

A Delhi, cette solution se diffusera sans doute lentement, la possession d'un véhicule étant un "objectif", et pourrait représenter quelques pourcents des flux. Mais si les contraintes environnementales, énergétiques et surtout financières ou liées à la congestion augmentent, megacarpool pourrait prendre une part non négligeable et conduire à augmenter le remplissage des véhicules, et également indirectement l'usage des transports en commun.

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