Accueil Our Cities Ourselves : The Future of Transportation in Urban Life

Our Cities Ourselves : The Future of Transportation in Urban Life

par Gabriel Plassat

In honor of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy’s 25th anniversary, Our Cities Ourselves envisions sustainable urban futures for ten major global cities: Ahmedabad, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Dar es Salaam, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Mexico City, New York City and Rio de Janeiro. In each city, ITDP field offices and international architects propose ideal transportation futures grounded in current conditions. The proposals present safe, vibrant streets that promote social and economic equality, privilege mass transit, bicyclists and pedestrians, and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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Exhibition :

These architects are acknowledged leaders in their field. Each has a close knowledge of the city they worked on, a track record of innovative urban design, and a strong commitment to putting sustainability at the core of their work.

Over the past year, the architects worked with ITDP and its offices in these cities around the world. The architects used ITDP's 'Ten Principles of Sustainable Transport' to help guide their design choices. The results combine creativity with pragmatism, and show what is possible when we design our cities for ourselves.

Our Cities Ourselves is on view from June 24 to September 11, 2010

Center for Architecture- 536 LaGuardia Place, NY, NY 10012-(212) 683-0023


Blog :

A blog is dedicated to sustainable transportation worldwide. Read about places around the world creating great urban futures.

In a concise and accessible format, the booklet is a must read for all those involved in city design and urban planning, and forms the backbone of the ITDP exhibition “Our Cities Ourselves,” now on view at New York’s Center for Architecture.

What are the ten principles of sustainable transport?

1. Walk the walk: Create great pedestrian environments

2. Powered by people: Create a great environment for bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles

3. Get on the bus: Provide great, cost-effective public transport

4. Cruis
e control: Provide access for clean passenger vehicles at safe speeds and in significantly reduced numbers

5. Deliver the goods: Service the city in the cleanest and safest manner.

6. Mix it up: Mix people and activities, buildings and spaces.

7. Fill it in: Build dense, people and transit oriented urban districts that are desirable.

8. Get real: Preserve and enhance the local, natural, cultural, social and historical assets.

9. Connect the blocks: Make walking trips more direct, interesting and productive with small-size, permeable buildings and blocks.

10. Make it last: Build for the long term. Sustainable cities bridge generations. They are memorable, malleable, built from quality materials, and well maintained.


Take actions :

Do you want to help make sure cities of tomorrow are good for people and the environment? Join us in helping create great urban futures.

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