Accueil Quel opérateur de TC français publiera son tableau de bord "performance temps réel" ?

Quel opérateur de TC français publiera son tableau de bord "performance temps réel" ?

par Gabriel PLASSAT

Un opérateur de transport US publie en ligne son tableau de bord permettant de suivre différents critères de performance en temps réel, incluant les avis des usagers. Qui sera le premier en France ?

Hampton Roads Transit (VA) will unveil an online tool that lets the public track the agency’s performance. Modeled after the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Dashboard, the project will track bus performance, The Tide light-rail project, and budget items. “When the agency knows everything you do is right out there for  everybody to see, it puts a different picture on the face of  accountability,” said HRT president Philip Shucet.

Below Global Dashboard :


Focus on Citizen Survey :


HRT has recently been criticized for cost overruns with The Tide project, which will cost $100 million more than initially estimated. Board members praised Shucet on Monday for bringing the "Dashboard" approach to HRT.

"I think that openness and accountability at HRT is exactly what needs to be done," said Del. G. Glenn Oder, R-Newport News, who sits on HRT's board. "I applaud Philip Shucet for bringing a very successful program at VDOT where the citizens were able to have access to real time information and apply that very successful project to HRT."

HRT board chairman Jim Wood welcomed the change. "It's going to provide data that we should have been getting all along prior to Philip taking over," Wood said.

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