Accueil Health impact of traffic pollution

Health impact of traffic pollution

par Gabriel PLASSAT

The Health Effects Institute (HEI) published a new report, titled "Traffic-Related Air Pollution: A Critical Review of the Literature on Emissions, Exposure, and Health Effects". The report–one of the most comprehensive and systematic reviews of the worldwide traffic emissions and health science to date–has found that there are substantial gaps in what we know about exposure to traffic air pollutants and their health effects.

Based on a systematic review and analysis of over 700 worldwide studies, the report found that the body of medical research provides little firm evidence on the relationship between exposure to traffic and disease. Sufficient evidence was found that exposures to traffic-related air pollution cause asthma exacerbation in children. While "suggestive evidence" also links traffic-related pollution to a number of other health effects, the existing data was deemed insufficient to establish a causal relationship.

Résumé et rapport complet : ici !

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