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Welcome to the MassDOT Developers Page. The information and links found here are meant to serve as resources for developers interested in working with real-time and static transportation data made available by MassDOT.

MassDOT's Relationship With Developers

Please note: Any use of the Data on the MassDOT Developers Page acknowledges acceptance of MassDOT's Developer's License Agreement. (UPDATED 11/13/2009)


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For more Massachusetts-based transit innovations, visit our partners at Bridgewater State Geographics Lab for real-time bus apps for MWRTA and CCRTA. 


MassDOT has released several BETA .xml feeds related to roadway traffic.

Real Time Travel Times

MassDOT is providing Real Time Travel Times for sections of I-93, I-90 and Route 3 in Massachusetts.

Roadway Events

MassDOT has released a BETA .xml feed of planned roadway events. This feed does not include all roadwork in Massachusetts, but it does include many of the construction, maintenance, and other events undertaken by the MassDOT Highway Division that may affect travel or traffic conditions on Massachusetts roadways. This is a BETA feed -- please send us suggestions for improvements.

511 Traffic Cameras

MassDOT has shared access to its 511 cameras with developers and third-parties. Read the documentation below to find out how to integrate 511 traffic cameras into your website or application:

Registry of Motor Vehicles

6/18/14 Please Note: The town field "Washington" has been changed to "Boston".

Massachusetts Port Authority


Bicycle Data

MassDOT's bicycle data layer includes facilities at all stages of development from envisioned resources through constructed lanes and paths. The layer contains a unique identifier for each bike facility links to the Road Inventory, and multiple name fields from overlapping naming schemes. Multiple subsets of bike data are incorporated in this one layer. Some key terms are listed below:

The Bay State Greenway is a proposed statewide network of on and off-road bicycle facilities traversing Massachusetts along seven connected corridors. Some of its segments have already been constructed.

Existing facilities include bike lanes, cycle tracks, marked shared lanes, paved bikeable shoulders, bicycle pedestrian priority roadways and sign-posted routes on roads, in addition to shared use off-road paths.

Facilities in feasibility study, design, or construction phases have funding that is promised, programmed, or being disbursed for the given phase.

Envisioned facilities cover projects that have been proposed in regional or municipal long-range plans or are being actively promoted by advocating entities.

We have two versions of this data, GeoJSON and Shape versions, available on this page. Both files contain the data layer as well as a data dictionary and a usage guide.

Park & Ride Lots

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