Ouverture des données – Transports & autres – Mesures 2012 en Angleterre

Le Cabinet britanique propose les mesures suivantes pour 2012 pour le secteur des transports :

  • Train and bus data – The Government will work with the transport industry to make available by April 2012 timetable and real-time train and bus information to support the development of innovative applications to improve passenger journeys.
  • Rail fares data – The Government will consult in early 2012, through the Fares and Ticketing Review, on providing open access to rail fares data, giving passengers and business better information and enabling them to make the most cost-effective travel choices.
  • Civil Aviation Authority – The Government plans to legislate to give the Civil Aviation Authority the power to publish data on the performance of aviation service providers, to enable users of air freight and passenger services to make the most cost-effective choices.
  • Highways and traffic data – The Government will release from March 2012 a range of highways and traffic data, including on road works, to help reduce congestion and enable business to make more predictable travel and logistics decisions.

Further detail on Open Data measures announced in the Autumn Statement 2011 (pdf, 374kb)Further detail on Open Data measures announced in the Autumn Statement 2011 (word)

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