Covoiturage dynamique, faire rencontrer l'offre et la demande en temps réel, expérimentation grande échelle à Seattle

AVEGO (déjà identifié ici), a été sélectionné par le WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transporation) pour mettre en oeuvre du covoiturage dynamique sur la route SR520 (115 000 véhicules par jour pour 190 000 passagers). Lapremière phase va déployer 250 conducteurs équipés du système offrant donc 750 sièges libres. Les outils de communication en réseaux sont bien sûr utilisés (iphone, facebook, twitter…).

For one thousand lucky commuters, traveling on one of the Seattle area’s busiest roads is about to get a whole lot easier. As a result of a recent pilot project grant award from WSDOT, Avego will create go520, the world’s first large-scale real-time ridesharing community.

In the near future, Avego’s go520 will add an additional easy, convenient and enhanced commute alternative into the mix of non-single occupancy vehicle available options for individuals to consider as they commute along the SR 520 corridor. SR 520 is one of two east-west roadways across Lake Washington and carries 115,000 vehicles (190,000 people) each day. Using Avego’s Shared Transport system, 250 drivers with GPS-enabled smartphones will offer the empty seats in their vehicles to 750 riders along the same route, in real time.

Avego Shared Transport is the only ridesharing application that matches drivers and riders in real time as they travel, so you can rideshare whenever you want, from wherever you are.

Once a match is made, Shared Transport manages the rideshare from pick-up to drop-off, through a combination of real-time passenger information, automated security features, and electronic micro-payments that allow riders and drivers to easily share the cost of a journey.

go520 is now recruiting beta users. If you regularly travel along SR 520, you can earn great cash incentives that will help you save money on your daily commute. To register your interest, or to find out more about this innovative program, visit


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