Après le radar de vitesse, le contrôle automatique des émissions polluantes

Les technologies de mesures progressent permettant d'avoir de nouveaux outils de surveillance (voir ici le sujet de la surveillance). Il est désormais possible de connaître les émissions réelles en bord de route comme on contrôle une vitesse. Tous les usages de cette nouvelle donnée sont possibles : tarifs adaptés, interdiction, verbalisation, …

A Spanish company, Technet, focused on the implementation of RSD (remote sensing technology), an advanced and unique technology to measure traffic emissions.

The RSD works like a radar system that not only measures the speed or acceleration of a vehicle, but also its vehicle-specific emissions (CO, HC, NOx, PM and CO2). It does this from the side of the street without stopping the vehicle (car, truck, van, motorcycle). Compared to other systems, the RSD is not intrusive, delivers real-time emission data and can be used on a large scale (5,000 vehicles a day per RSD unit).
Technet has undertaken a project to create traffic emission inventories for all major regions in Spain and is now implementing a central IT platform through which administrators from all levels of government can access information on emission levels.

There are multiple applications of the RSD technology such as identification of high emitters (5% of vehicles are responsible for 50% of emissions) to attempt to repair or substitute them, variable pricing in garages or toll systems, green zones in cities for clean vehicles etc
Josefina's next step is to expand the application of RSD technology in other European countries and she would appreciate feedback or interest from outside Spain.

To know more about Technet and RSD please visit the following webpage:

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