Une banque investit 25 millions dans des Vélos en Libre Service et des autoroutes pour vélo

Image006 Barclays va financer une partie du système de Vélos en Libre Service (VLS) à Londres, ainsi que les infrastructures avec de véritables autoroutes (décrites ici) reliant la périphérie au centre, comme à Copenhague.

Comme HSBC pour Better Place, Barclays finance des infrastructures et des solutions de mobilité innovantes.


Barclays Cycle Hire, launching on 30 July 2010, will be a public bicycle sharing scheme for short journeys in and around central London. You'll be able to pick up a bicycle, use it as you like, then drop it off, ready for the next person.


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When you can hire

The bicycles will be available 24 hours a day, all year round. It will be self-service so just turn up and go whenever you get the urge. No need to book.

Who can hire

If you are 14 and over and can use a bicycle without help, Barclays Cycle Hire's for you. We'll be providing information in other languages so it's great for tourists too.

Picking up and dropping off your cycle

There will be 400 special docking stations to choose from. Pick up and drop off at any station you fancy.


To hire a bicycle you will need to pay:

  • An access fee (gives you the right to use the scheme)
  • And a usage charge (based on the duration of the journey)

The first 30 minutes of each journey are free.

Access fee

  • 24-hour access – £1
  • Seven-day access – £5
  • Annual access – £45 (members only)

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